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Ages : 8+               Difficulty Level : 4

A Game for a single player or challenge your friends!

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Origins of Tangrams:

A long time ago in China, lived a man called Tan.  Tan’s greatest possession was a fine ceramic tile.  One day while cleaning his tile he tripped and the tile fell and broke into seven geometric shapes:  two large triangles, a medium size triangle, a square, and a parallelogram. Tan spent the rest of his life trying to put the tile back together again.  He was not successful, but he did succeed in creating many different geometric designs. Tan enjoyed creating the designs.  Tan’s puzzles, later called Tangram, were passed on through generations and from country to country.  Tangram origins are older than 2000 years but earliest known printed reference to tangram appears in a Chinese book “only” 200 years ago.

How to play:

The Tangram consists of seven (7) flat shapes which are put together to form many shapes. Use all seven pieces when assembling a shape.

The game is intended for one or two players (the box has two Tangram sets). You can play next to each other with different images or competing to see who makes the silhouettes first.

The game comes with 64 different cards with silhouettes of geometric shapes, animals, plants etc.

Each card contains the solution as well – no cheating though!

There are as many as 16,000 shapes to assemble from all the pieces. When you have finished the deck of cards, see what other shapes you can make. Try to invent your own shapes as well.

Visit www.wolfpack.games and look for other challenging designs.

Also watch out for competitions run regularly such as who can create a new design or finish one the fastest.

Good Luck from the team at Wolfpack Games!


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