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Tower Of Hanoi

Tower Of Hanoi


Ages : 8+                     Difficulty Level : 4

A Game for one player

The legend of the Hanoi pillars is based on the belief that once the monk’s leader will finish moving the 64 holy disks from the two pillar outside the temple to the pillar inside, the millennium will appear. Since the disks are so fragile only one monk leader may move them. Terrified not to break the disks it was forbidden to place a larger disk above a smaller one. The legend tells that once the monks will succeed they will reach Nirvana. (For the record one needs 18446744073709551615 moves to do so)

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Set Up: Place the pegs in the holes in the base. Then place the nine (9) disks in decreasing size with the biggest at the bottom (from base to summit). This creates the tower.

Rules: The aim is to move all the disks from the central pillar to the right peg by using the left peg, threading the disks onto the pegs moving only one (1) disk at a time.
After each move, the disks will be stacked on any of the three pegs but must still be in decreasing size from bottom to top.
A disk can be placed on either an empty peg or on another disk provided that the top disk is larger than the one being placed.

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