Beyond Organic Reach: The Future Of The Written Word

Beyond Organic Reach: The Future Of The Written Word

Content is king. It has been proven many times. In this day and age of digital revolution, what you write seems to be attracting more “traffic” to your website or social media channels. It thus drives the engagement and ultimately, sales. How does all this work? And why and when doesn’t it work?

Organic Reach

“Organic reach” is what your written material can get for you without any sort of promotions. When you write something good and put it up, say on the website, people will see it when and if they search for a similar product or service. If it is really well written, more and more people will read it, some initial visitors will share it with their colleagues and you will get more visitors. This is the organic reach. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You cannot simply write something and then sit and wait until someone sees it, researches about it and finally decides to buy your product. This is where paid promotions come in. No matter how high quality the material you wrote is, sometimes, a little push is needed for it to go the long way.

Promoting It

Paid promotions are available on every platform. As a new-age marketer, you can use search engine optimisation or popularly known as SEO, social media paid promotion platforms and more. If you are doing this for the first time, it is best that you contact a content amplification services to walk you through it. Some platforms charge very high amounts and some have various ways and means for targeting the exact group of customers you want. It is advisable you start doing it with a known hand as a wrong step will be directed to a waste of money.

What Sort Of Content?

It can be anything. Something you wrote, a graphic, an image or any such piece of material can be used and promoted. However, what you need to remember is that this promotion is not something which you can do in “one click” and then wash your hands off it. It is no use if you pay to promote some mindless garbage. Whatever you are sponsoring must be of relevance and good quality, too. In addition, it is important that paid as well as organic matter work together rather than paid material is given priority.


The major goal of promoting the material is to grow its reach as far as possible. This can easily be done by bringing all the paid promotion and distribution attempts towards a mutual goal. When both types of material – paid as well as organic – are used in harmony to attain this goal, it is easy to come up with results such as mentions of the brand, newspaper mentions and more engagement in organic methods. It is always an objective to have as much organic traffic as possible, however, some kind of paid promotion is needed to place what you have created in front of the right sort of people, i.e. your prospective clients and customers.

If you think a well-written piece of material can bring in more traffic, you are probably right. But don’t forget there are other, easier ways to do that and have better results.

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